Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Time to Blog, and a Time to Be Still

This may be something of an ironic post, given that I've only managed to update this poor blog every 7-10 days(!), but: at least for now, I think God is calling me to put this blog "to sleep" for a bit, during Lent... not only to give me some much-needed time to get other things done, but to spend extra time with my beloved wife (who's had far too little time with/from me, recently) and to take some "quieter time" (yeah, I know... aside from high school math teaching and RCIA teaching?!?) to grow in my own spiritual journey. God willing, I'll have quite a bit to share when the blessed feast of Easter comes; it might be one last post, or it might be the beginning of a whole new vista (no reference to Microsoft meant!). We'll see; all things in God's time.

Thank you all, you who've read so many posts which varied wildly in verbosity and relevance! Never fear, I won't drop off the scene entirely; I'll still haunt Paul's Masterful Blog and some of my other usual places, and I may even contribute a post or two, over there (especially if Paul needs another blog-sitter... though this time, I'm raiding the refrigerator! ;) ). Again, we'll see.

May God bless and keep you, in the holy season of Lent, and always; may you grow nearer to Him, every day (whether you want it or not!).